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The BALI world


Invent your new lifestyle

BALI CATAMARANS offers you an innovative and unique concept in response to new styles of boating. BALI Catamarans are an incarnation of openness and the new art of living. Open-mindedness, openness to life, openness to the sea and to nature, openness to others.
The famous tilting “BALI door”, the rigid foredeck platform, the immediate access to the cockpit, the layout of the living spaces from the galley to the cabins, all provide unequalled comfort and living spaces.

The large windows, the platforms and lounges, the wide aft bench seats and the flybridges offer exceptional panoramas. With friends, family or as a couple, you can share the pleasures and activities of the sea, enjoy the anchorages and the sailing, recharge your batteries and connect with one another. Everyone invents their own way of living, their own new art of living, aboard Bali Catamarans.

Range of Bali Models

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